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Meet the talented Ardmore Guide team. For general inquiries please email:
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Meet Jodie Linton-Prickett

Publisher and Executive Editor 380News, 380Guide, Pilot Point Guide and Ardmore Guide

Jodie and her husband David started in 2004 followed by their community driven magazines and newspaper. 

As a small business owner, Jodie wears multiple hats with the publications.  She scouts out interesting, family friendly events, community organizations, inspiring businesses and interesting individuals to highlight in articles, works with creating personalized advertising and branding plans for clients, networks in the communities served by the publications, writes articles and takes photographs.  Her feel good articles are informative and easy reads increasing the longevity of each publication.  Her hyper-local focus makes her publications stand out against others that use canned articles for content.  This gives the publication a fresh insight to topics in the reader’s own backyards.

Jodie is an active member of several Chambers.  She served on the board of directors for Aubrey Chamber of Commerce for seven years where she was Vice President for two years and President for one.  She was an Ambassador for the Denton Chamber of Commerce for two years, served on the Boy Scout Board for Troop 361 and was a founding board member and the first president of Odysseus Chamber Orchestra in Denton. She was part of the original group that helped Bruce Thomas create Bonnie and Clyde Days in Pilot Point, Texas.  She is currently active in the Pilot Point Public Art Planning Committee.

Jodie’s background is in social work, psychology and art history.  She was originally published in 1998 and again in 1999 for her original studies in Eastern Art earning her a full scholarship in Art History at Oklahoma State University. After University she worked in the social field as a QMRP. 

Born in a rural area, De Queen, Arkansas, she continued to spend several summers and her grandparent’s farm even after she moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma at the age of five.  She lived there until her husband had a career opportunity in the DFW area in 1998. They now split their time between the 380 Corridor and Ardmore, OK.

While living in the Tulsa and Broken Arrow area she owned Fashion Swimwear and Electric Beach Tanning Salon in the late 80’s.  During this time she had national modeling contracts with Bass Pro Shops and Harley Davidson as well as many local jobs.  Earlier in life she appeared as an extra in The Outsiders and in the late 80’s she was an extra in UHF.  In 2014, she appeared with her family and friends in a reality show, Sleeping with the Family: Taylor and Jordan, filmed by MTV UK that was picked up by 27 countries.

After she married her husband, David they started a successful restaurant in Tulsa, The Green Valley Grill and Avanti’s Catering.  His passion for the culinary arts won him several awards.  It was this success that landed the family in Texas.

Jodie is a proud mother of two adult sons, Taylor and Julian.  Taylor has played pro soccer and owned a semi pro team in Omaha. Her youngest son, Julian is an avid musician and poet. 

In her downtime, she is a passionate traveler. She has traveled to forty countries and most of the States in the United States. She is enamored with central European countries and their cultures.  She has spent over a year total in Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland.

She loves animals and has rescued kittens and rabbits throughout her life.  Currently, the family owns four rescued ginger cats that are all brothers. 


Meet Gina Wiklund

Creative Director for 380Guide, 380News, Pilot Point Guide and Ardmore Guide

Mariah is the creative force behind 380Guide Magazine, 380News, Pilot Point Guide and Ardmore Guide.  She designs the layout of the publications, the 380Guide website, and the Ardmore Guide website.  She also provides photography and cover art for the magazines. Mariah is highly skilled in creating effective ads to draw the readers in and increase the lifespan of the North Texas Media Group, LLC’s publications. Mariah has over 17 years of graphic design experience including magazine and newspaper page layout, producing ads, brochures, postcards, business cards, newsletters, logos, photo editing, and portrait retouching. In addition, she has a degree in graphic design earned in 2004. “In the beginning of 2014, right after moving to Little Elm, I began working for the 380News and shortly became the Art and Creative Director for both 380Guide Magazine and the 380News. I love helping people with their creative needs,” says Mariah.

She was born in Anchorage Alaska, and then moved to Louisiana and eventually to the Dallas Fort Worth area. While she has lived in the DFW area for 33 years, she has lived in the 380 Corridor (Little Elm and now Denton) for the past eight years. Mariah has been married 21 years to her wonderful husband, Daniel. They have a rescue dog named Zoe who is a sweet and spunky five-year-old American Staffordshire terrier.

Before Mariah attended school for graphic design, she taught Ballroom, Latin, Country Western and Swing dance at Bronze Level. She is also passionate about music, animals and movies. Mariah enjoys playing the ukulele, watching movies with her husband, hanging out with friends and family, and teaching Zoe new tricks. 

“When given a task, I am deadline driven, doing my best to get it done in a timely fashion,” says Mariah.  This work ethic is one of the best qualities to have in a deadline driven career.  Mariah has amazing qualities that any company looks for including being a genuine person, and incredibly productive.  As a designer she has a creative imagination and great sense of humor, enabling her to be a boundless team member.

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Meet David Prickett

Publisher for 380News, 380Guide, Pilot Point Guide and Ardmore Guide


David focuses on publishing, distribution, proofing and networking for the publications.  His keen eye looks over final proofs before they go to press.  Before digitalization of the press was widely available it was not unusual to find David at the printing house at all hours doing press checks with a jewelers loop up to his eye looking at fine details and matching colors to make sure they were coming off the press correctly.  Nothing printed until it had his final stamp of approval.  His eye for detail gave the startup magazine an expensive and professional look that other small publications were not achieving at the time.

David has also provided several of the covers over the years.  He has stood at the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral to get a London street view speckled with the tops of red double decker busses.  He flew in a helicopter to rural Texas to get directly in front of a lion to capture his expression, resulting in a National Geographic style close up.  This photo was taken in order to raise awareness, help rescue and provide a habitat for this king of the felines.

The original 380Guide website and 380Guide Magazine were the brainchild of David.  After moving to Savannah, TX in 2004, while most of Highway 380 was still two lanes he listened to his wife always talk about Savannah and surrounding areas being in an information vacuum.  She would leave and go explore while he was at work and when he came home she would tell him about the unusual little shops she had found.  He knew she was suffering burnout in her social work career and suggested that she start a magazine and share all of her finds and experiences.  While she laughed at the idea he was serious.  He worked with Max Miller, current owner of Cross Timbers Gazette, to help him design a website in 2004.  By 2005 the website was wildly successful and local businesses were inquiring about an actual magazine or newspaper.  In early 2005 he presented the idea to his wife again and she jumped onboard.   “From February to Mid-May of 2005 it was a bit like selling the Emperor’s New Clothes.  We had a dream but nothing tangible to show the potential clients,” said David, “However, our excitement must have been infectious because we rolled out our inaugural June/July issue with enough contracts to secure us for a year of printing.”

David was born in Selma, Alabama and lived in Atlanta, Georgia for a while before his father took a position with American Airlines bringing the family to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  He grew up in Broken Arrow, a suburb of Tulsa.   

David was a culinary rock star in Tulsa, Oklahoma before the Culinary Arts were cool.  His first job at fifteen and a half was in the restaurant industry.  It was there he learned the basics of French Cuisine.  His career over the years moved from the back of the house, to the front of the house, private dining to corporate.  His creativity, culinary esthetics, eye for detail and exquisite taste had him booked solid as a private chef for international Tulsa based corporate offices during lunch and elegant weddings on the weekends.  While managing The Grill in downtown Tulsa he was awarded the AAA Four Diamond Award.  He also won several local awards such as the Taste of Tulsa Silver Spoon Award.  In Tulsa, David owned The Green Valley Grill and Avanti’s Catering. His passion for food still exists today but prefers to cook for family and friends.

David is a proud father of two sons, Taylor and Julian.  He volunteered for years for his son’s Boy Scout Troops.  He is an active member of area Chambers and Networking Groups.   In his off time he enjoys dining at local eateries, relaxing and having adventures in the outdoors, restoring old buildings and traveling the world with his family.  

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